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FINALE WATCH: "Futurama" (Comedy Central at 10) wraps up for a seventh and final season the show was given a second life in 2010, Cloris Leachman and Georgia Engel join regular cast member Betty White for a "Mary Tyler Moore Show" reunion." "" and "" will expect more from him than a routine thriller The beauty of "The Return" lies in how much more the author has on his mindA thriller becomes a literary thriller not simply because it is exceptionally well written although that is always to be desired but because it possesses an intellectual dimension In "The Return" along with shootouts decapitations and endangered women Gruber is concerned with love marriage parenting politics religious faith the thrill of war the soul of Mexico and how we should live our lives A series of flashbacks shows Marder and Skelly on a virtual suicide mission along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam; its as vivid and hellish as any fiction Ive read on that misbegotten war Grubers descriptions of Mexico its people its food its flowers and festivals its ancient beauty and drug-era horrors are brilliant His evocation of a sunset over the Pacific too long to quote here is exquisite You read him not just for the action but for the elegance of his prose the depth of his characterizations and the endless surprises that spring from his imagination Is there anything to dislike about this novel That depends on you If youre an impatient cut-to-the-chase sort of reader uninterested in Marders memories of his marriage or his daughters creative sex life or the celebration of the Day of the Dead or Skellys love of the Hmong tribesmen who fought alongside him in Vietnam or the enduring relevance of DH Lawrences writings on Mexico if those and other digressions are likely to bore you you should look elsewhere But if youre interested in fiction that tickles the intellect as well as excites the gut seek out "The Return" and Grubers earlier novels This man didnt publish his first novel until he was 60; hes in his 70s now and he continues to perform at a level that precious few writers of any age can equal Anderson regularly reviews mysteries and thrillers for Book World 31,56 million in low-interest disaster loans to 2," said the report by the Iran Task Force of the Atlantic Council,"It is time to play chess.

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